Common love

Why is love suddenly so easy?

Maybe because I’ve learned that love should be difficult? Nevertheless, the scars of my childhood had affected me, even though I denied it. Perhaps we are still a few left who have seen our father disappear, and our mother subsequently fighting for love? Perhaps we are still a few who have learned that it is how love is? Learned to fight, if a deep relationship is to be preserved.

So how do we walk through the chambers of love with ease?

I see the old lovemantras, the man’s story about the woman seems dissolving, and experiences humbleness strikes deeper in her heart, than I have ever been before. The truth is a common understanding of eternal fragmented heart openings, and even though we have seen the past, we have not seen the truth. And she may also lift herself up, to love you. Show her humbleness. Then she is calm next to you, and sits next to you because love is present and always available. An embracing energy in common love.

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