Dinner & Lovemusic (Companies).

Lovesongs from the heart before the night takes off. Soren & band performs lovesongs during your dinner, which brings out an relaxing atmosphere, calm and joyful evening and contributes to a perfect start for the evening.

  • Benefits:
    Increased Enthusiasm
    Increased Team Spirit
    Increased Playfulness
    Improved Relations at Work
    Unified Work Culture
    60 to 90 minutes
    For large groups

See YouTube presentation:

Open heart concert (Workshops & Retreats).

This is a unique opportunity to bring people together on your workshop or retreat, to work in harmony in a new way that will delight and transport your participants into a higher level of collaboration and open hearts. Scientific research has confirmed music's therapeutic potency to restore harmony in the body and reduce stress. By living a more purposeful and fulfilling life, in greater alignment with the essence of who we are, we are better able to produce the results that we most desire. Integrating songs, stories and mindfulness practices, Soren delivers practical tools that support people's fuller expression, spiritual intelligence and success.

  • Benefits:
    Improved Ability to Listen
    Improved Ability to Focus On “We”
    Increase Heart awareness
    Improved Relations and openness.
    30-60 minutes
    Designed for intimate groups

    See YouTube presentation: (Danish)

Private loveconcert (Home)

This is a highly spirited concert during which Soren shares his inspirational original lovesongs, and some personal story telling. The experience is food for the soul, inspiring a renewed sense of connection to self and others. While playing live music in your home, Soren leads participants in a guided musical open heart experience that expands awareness of the present moment, inspires greater creativity and facilitates deep relaxation. 

  • Benefits:
    Improved ability to open your heart.
    Higher Awareness.
    Improved Perception and understanding.
  • Specifics:
    30-60 minutes
    For small and intimate groups.

    See YouTube presentation: